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249: Portrait of Home

So I guess I make films too sometimes. It’s an endeavor that’s coming along anyway. This is one of the first reasonably completed little doodles I’ve done with the new camera. Still learning all its functions, basic video craft, Adobe Premiere, etc. No color grading or correction done here, just some basic editing. Also in … Continue reading

My Mom Reads This Movie // Jack Reacher, 2012

Jack Reacher plays from beginning to end like a digestible and shallow paperback bestseller.  Which is of course what it is, or at least the source material, one of some surely too-long franchise of novels centered on the film’s eponymous protagonist, an ex-Army investigator who’s turned into an off-the-grid wandering spirit.  He’s brought back into civilization … Continue reading

Paradise Lost… Found it!

Watching Miguel Gomes’ Tabu (2012), this beguiling cinematic play-pen, I couldn’t help but return to another film in my thoughts.  These sorts of comparisons are tricky as they can either enrich both works, or just waste a bunch of time with shallow observations that only serve to make me feel smart in momentary acts of recognition. … Continue reading